Why The Leica M Rangefinder Camera?

Why do so many photographers use – and love – the Leica Rangefinder?

Why do so many photographers use – and love – the Leica Rangefinder?

Here are what I believe are the reasons, plain and simple:

  1. Only the Leica M allows you to see what is about to happen in your frame.
  2. The Leica M is extremely accurate and extremely rugged in nearly all conditions, thanks to the world's finest optics and precision German engineering.
  3. The Leica M is unobtrusive – it is small, lightweight and stealthy, and well suited for intimate photography.
  4. Nothing else in the world feels like a Leica.

Others may stress different qualities in different orders, but these are the reasons that I am so sold on Leica M cameras. 我很少使用其他东西,不仅因为这是我的家族企业(尽管这很有帮助)!) but also because I am hard on my gear and demanding of results, 而这些——加上许多坏掉的相机和错过的镜头——让我对皇冠搏彩APP下载M发誓.

Overview of the Leica M Camera

My Leica journey began when I fell in love with the Leica M as an objet d’art – not because I was an aspiring photographer who wanted a good camera, or even a camera for any particular purpose – I just thought, “This thing looks so cool.这是一台早期的皇冠搏彩APP下载M2“按钮倒带”,我为它省了又省,最后买了下来 my first Leica based upon price – it was all I could afford. The vulcanite was in tatters. There were burrs and scrapes on the metal, bright marks and pin dings. It had been well loved. My first Leica. 大多数皇冠搏彩APP下载车主购买这些相机是因为它们是适合工作的工具, 和其他许多人,因为他们听说了皇冠搏彩APP下载的好东西,他们喜欢高质量的物体, and some buy them simply as a status symbol. I just admire the aesthetic, and plus, I grew up around Leica.

Dan's first Leica

  • Dan's first Leica - an early M2 "button rewind"
  • Dan's first Leica - an early M2 "button rewind"
  • Dan's M2 with 21mm “Super-Angulon” f4 and IWKOO lens shade

公司创始人斯坦·塔玛金(Stan Tamarkin), 1983年左右,在家庭办公室里努力工作

Stan circa 1983 with a Luxus camera, and his eldest son, Dan, some 35 years later, carrying on the family tradition.

Enough about me; this page is supposed to be about the Leica M Rangefinder camera...

Ultimately, any camera body is just a box with a shutter. 只要快门是准确的,它的效果就和其他快门一样好,或者差. But what makes the Leica M so special? “M”代表“Messsucher”,在德语中,Messsucher是一个组合测距仪和取景器的单词.* There is no mirror or prism, 所以你直接通过测距仪的窗口看世界-没有什么阻挡你的视线. Bright frame-lines in the rangefinder guide your composition, and change automatically when different focal length lenses are mounted.

Leica M cameras do not use zoom lenses, and this is an important thing to know. Since you are not looking through the lens itself, rather through the rangefinder window, you can’t zoom. Although, 数码M型相机的优势在于使用多种镜头——包括变焦——以及实时视图功能.


Because the rangefinder is situated above – and to the left of – the lens, 这些边框线是镜头看到和将捕捉到的图像的近似值. 这使得摄影师可以通过他们的测距仪来观察世界,并看到行动在或之前展开, most importantly, as – their subject comes into frame. 这是皇冠搏彩APP下载M相机提供的唯一最重要的功能和巨大的优势. That’s it. This is why you'll hear Leica owners say, “There is nothing like a Leica!”

Think about it this way: every SLR and DSLR photographer who ever took a picture, never saw that photo in “real life” – not one of them. 点击快门按钮,镜子上升,允许快门打开和关闭. In doing so, the mirror shuts off the eye’s view, meaning that the photographer never actually saw the image! Now, our brains are amazing organs, 错过这一秒并不会最终影响皇冠搏彩APP对刚刚发生的现实和照片的感知. Nonetheless, they never actually saw the picture that was taken.

With the Leica M, you see it all. You can quite easily – in fact, 自然地,不需要任何其他的努力,只要把相机举到你的眼睛上——准备好你快门之前的每一个瞬间. You capture precisely the moment you want to capture. No mirror obscuring your view, or the blinders of the focal length, no extra buttons or anything else to learn or remember…

  • The basics of the Leica M camera
  • The parts of the Leica M camera
  • How the Leica M rangefinder works
  • Loading and advancing film in the Leica M

The Leica M camera is about the most rugged camera ever built. I regularly stand on a camera in the showroom to the amazement of anyone present. 皇冠搏彩APP下载M也不能幸免于重力,也不能幸免于向你袭来的沙子、水或冰淇淋, but it withstands these much better than other cameras. And, typically, Leica owners are more than a little protective of their cameras…

Not photoshopped.

Stop by our Chicago showroom, and see for yourself.

我在徒步旅行、爬山、骑自行车、滑雪、胡闹时弄坏了很多相机. I watched my Olympus OM-1 bounce down an icy arroyo in Colorado, rapidly losing most of the 1,000 feet of elevation we’d just gained in a long line of pitches. 我绊了一跤,宾得k1000的其中一辆撞上了一棵云杉,它的三棱镜被压碎了, backing away from a bear and her cub. Another, dunked in an unnamed lake in the north woods backcountry, despite my attempts to save us all from the tipping canoe. 我因为滑雪事故失去了一些傻瓜相机“庭院销售”,当时演出太深,或者我的手推车摔得够壮观. Too many to mention. Hard learned lessons, each one. But I’d keep going back to camera shows and resale shops. I have to have a camera!

一旦我开始使用皇冠搏彩APP下载M测距相机,我的摄影改变了. Action was easier to capture since I could now “see it coming.” And I had saved for a year to buy my Leica M2, so I knew that I wasn’t going to let a sad fate befall this beautiful, tattered camera like so many of my cameras before! I simply would not let that happen – and I haven’t. My Leica has been my constant companion for more than 25 years. Well, 24 years, anyhow; it took me another year to save up for the lens.

  • an early "cutaway" drawing from Wetzlar
  • The Leica M2 cutaway

皇冠搏彩APP下载M相机是德国精密工程的一个奇迹——超过1,000 parts in the analogue cameras – and without anything extra, or automated.* The Leica M camera is intuitive and simple, accurate and enjoyable. When you press the shutter, it works.

[*Except the M7 and Leica M digital cameras – call and I’ll explain it to you, or we can do the Zoom thing].

皇冠搏彩APP下载M是轻和快速,不显眼,随时准备,极其准确,使用乐趣. It allows the photographer unfettered control over their shutter and aperture, and now with digital cameras, easy control of ISO values without burdensome multiple camera bodies, each loaded with a different film speed (remember those days?). They are unadorned, simple and elegant. They are at once timeless and modern, classic and cutting-edge.

The Leica camera is nearly silent. 它是谨慎和完美的工具,捕捉一个时刻,而不打扰或改变它-就这么简单. Now, 皇冠搏彩APP下载M相机的制作也非常好,手感非常好. 它们是全机械装置,可以承受冰冻和高温. “焦平面”快门非常精确,几乎可以立即触发, without hindrance from a mirror or electrical signal – strictly mechanical. A Leica camera can be made to work accurately with fairly simple technology; the shutter apparatus has hardly changed at all since it was first introduced in 1926. But most importantly, the Leica M camera is stealthy, placing nothing extraneous between the photographer and his or her subject; it is the epitome of light and fast and allows photographers to get in closer to make more intimate and compelling photographs.

Traveling light & fast with just Miss Monika the Monochrom and a 50 Summilux f1,4 wandering about in Köln, Germany in 2014. Thanks to Simon Gosling for a favorite portrait.

Plus, nothing feels like a Leica. It’s true. 这是我关于“为什么要皇冠搏彩APP下载测距仪”的最后一点——因为皇冠搏彩APP下载M的华丽和简洁的感觉是世界上独一无二的. They are treasures, and the just feel good in the hand.

Form follows function, and the Leica M is no exception.

Some people are right-eye dominant and some left-eye. Which are you?

在皇冠搏彩APP下载M测距仪中,你很可能会用这只眼睛来定格你的图像. Who cares? Well, if you are fortunate enough to be right-eye dominant, as about two-thirds of people are, 当你使用相机的测距仪时,你可以通过左眼继续关注你的拍摄对象和世界. Lucky dogs. I’m left-eyed, which means I must hide my right eye and face behind the camera, which some photographers feel is a disadvantage. I don’t necessarily, but many people do feel it’s a disadvantage. Anyhow, this is important when discussing the Leica M camera.

[*You may see photos of me shooting “right-eyed” – these are posed. 我确实觉得左眼是个小缺点,但这只是我的一种看法. Don’t let anything slow you down. Shoot your heart out, however you like to do it and are most comfortable.]

Speaking of interacting with the Leica M rangefinder, let’s talk about what all this means in practice. 我已经提到过,皇冠搏彩APP下载测距仪可以让你通过测距仪观察世界,当你的拍摄对象进入画面时,你可以看到动作展开, 这是皇冠搏彩APP下载M相机唯一最重要的特点和优势. The camera is fairly small compared to DLSRs, which often gives the impression that it is less able, or not a professional type of camera, and so people seem to relax a bit more around the Leica M.
Nearly every day, I find myself telling clientele and visitors in the gallery, “When I carry my Leica, most people see me and think, ‘Look at that guy over there using that crummy old camera. What a shame,不用担心带着(有时)昂贵的皇冠搏彩APP下载——大多数人根本不知道它是什么,也不知道它的价值——但那些带着它的人, they’ll approach you unabashedly with a gleam in their eye and drooling, perhaps, and they’ll start talking about lenses and camera models, and so on. You’ll immediately have made a new Leica friend.这是真的:85%的人完全不知道皇冠搏彩APP下载M是什么,也不知道它有多贵. 但另外15%是狂热的粉丝,皇冠搏彩APP都喜欢谈论皇冠搏彩APP下载和分享故事. I’ve rarely met a Leica owner who doesn’t...

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